Paged Design

Customisable themes for book design with CSS

Are you creating books with HTML and CSS? Stylesheets for books can be long and complicated to write. Paged Design is a framework for creating and adapting themes.

Note that these demos only work in a Chrome browser, and that paged.js and this project are in development, so expect bugs, workarounds, and exciting possibilities, and contribute if you can.


Some themes work (or work best) with specific content, because a theme must be created for a particular HTML structure. Click 'Preview' below for each theme to see it with its most appropriate content.

These are just a small start. If you're interested in more themes, tell us so that we know it's worth investing time in more theme development.

Sample content

This demo site includes various pieces of sample content for seeing themes at work:

For each one, use the theme-selector dropdown to see the browser lay out the book in a new design before your eyes. (Only Chrome can get this right currently.)

How to use this framework

See the guidance on GitHub.


This project is maintained by Electric Book Works, and made possible by funding and encouragement from Adam Hyde, the Coko Foundation, and the Shuttleworth Foundation.

You can get the code and contribute on GitHub.